Kate Campbell is a writer and editor. She was a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer and has written for The Boston Globe, The Scientist Magazine, People Magazine, Ranger Rick, The Grid, The Writer Magazine and The Philadelphia Business Journal. In addition, she has written for the alumni magazines of Smith College, Haverford College, The Wharton School, University of Virginia, University of Georgia, Suffolk University and Fairfield University. She is managing editor of Swarthmore College's alumni magazine. Prior to that she was editor of Ursinus College alumni magazine, and co-editor of University of Pennsylvania's Wharton alumni magazine.

Born in Morocco, Kate spent her early childhood in East Africa and Haiti before moving to the United States. A versatile writer, she has reported on the work of scientists in the Kalahari, the epidemic of white nose syndrome in bats, the legal woes of migrant farmers in Pennsylvania, Girl Scout troops that meet in prison and Sufi mysticism in the suburbs. Articles on conservation, wildlife and science hold an infinite appeal.

Kate earned a BA in English from Temple University and her TESOL certification from the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education. She won a Keystone Press Award, First Place in Ongoing News Coverage, Division VI. She taught a gifted writing program for one year at The Gesu School in Philadelphia.